Navigating Historical Research at UofT - Courtney Lundrigan

The International Relations subject librarian at Trinity's Graham Library, Ms. Courtney Lundrigan, has put together a brief but comprehensive presentation guiding students through the steps of early research for an essay. This includes

  1. Conducting background research & topic negotiation
  2. Concept building
  3. A list of important databases accessible to UofT students 
  4. Accessing primary resources 
  5. Evaluating the quality and validity of information found, and
  6. Citation

A copy of the Powerpoint presentation she used can be found here. If you'd like more information about any of the content, please feel free to contact her at 

Essay Writing Workshop - Tina Park

Tina Park, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto and a TA for HIS311 Canadian International Relations, has put together a very thorough presentation on the steps to writing a successful essay. She addresses the nature of writing in history, the distinction between Political Science and History, as well as the mechanics of essay writing. Her Powerpoint from this presentation offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide, and is a must-have resource for students.

Evaluating Sources - Courtney Lundrigan 

Ms. Lundrigan has put together a very helpful test students can use to evaluate the usefulness of their research material (both print and digital, including websites). You can access the CRAAP test here

Writing Centres at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has multiple resources, both online and in-person, for students looking for help with the particulars of constructing and executing a university-level paper. Some of the most sought after resources are the writing centres, where students can book appointments for one-on-one help with their essay, no matter where they are in the stage of writing. These centres are college-specific, and spots tend to be filled up quickly, so book appointments well in advance!